Neuromuscular Activation – Being Activated

"What is in the mind is in the body. What is in the body is in the mind."

- Douglas Heel -

Neuromuscular Activation – Be Activated, addresses pain, stress management and athletic performance through scientifically based neuromuscular practices. 

It breaks common patterns of movement dysfunction, crucial for injury prevention and management, enhancing sports performance and for treating the aches, pains and injuries of everyday life.


The Be Activated Philosophy can be applied to any environment and is used by therapists, sports coaches & athletes worldwide.

Injury and Pain

It quickly releases tight muscles returning them to their normal length and function by firing up muscles that have become dormant and confused.

Workplace Wellbeing

Postural Activation – Your body will adapt and compensate until it can no longer function. Stress, poor posture and incorrect breathing have a detrimental impact on your well-being.

Athletic Performance

RPR – Be Activated improves sports performance, reducing injury potential and produces massive shifts in strength, flexibility and speed.

What Is Be Activated? 

Be Activated is a powerful technique that stimulates your nervous system and helps the brain to re-establish efficient and effective connections between itself and the muscles. It basically awakens muscles that have become confused or switched off. It’s a versatile technique that can be applied to any setting from athletic performance, injury treatment and prevention, to stress management.

How Does It Work?

By interrupting incorrect neural pathways, or messages from the brain it releases muscles from a state of tension and pain returning them to their normal length and function.  An activated body will change from an imploded state of pain and compression to a place of resilience, strength, balance, power and flexibility.

Who Is It For?

For people suffering from musculoskeletal injuries, like back, knee pain etc.  For a number of neurological issues like stroke recovery and  Bells Palsy. For Athletes and Fitness Professionals who want to improve their performance. For office workers to improve their posture and energy.  It’s useful during the last two trimesters of pregnancy and for post natal support and for people suffering from stress and anxiety.


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