Clinic Appointments

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy & Be Activated Techniques.Discover the root of your injury not just the symptoms with an intelligent treatment plan for your amazing body.

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Private Yoga & Pilates

Pain Free movement at your fingertips. Neuro Integration & movement analysis for people who like to move. A unique and effective approach to address imbalances that get in the way of your fun.

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Videos On Demand

Be Activated - Muscle Activation. Reconnect your brain with your body. Improve performance, correct muscle imbalances &address compensatory patterns that lead to pain and injury

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Workplace Wellness

Postural Reset, Resilience, Stress Management and Neuromuscular Wellness

Workshops – Retreats – Online

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Made It Ma!

Only Mad Dogs & Englishmen… I did it!! I walked 131 km in 5 days...

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Is your jaw doing all the work?

The Remarkable Benefits of having a TMJ Release.   If you have ever struggled with...

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Emotions Affect The Way We Breathe, Feel, Move & Heal.

Neuroconnective Therapy looks at your whole body and not just your injury or condition....

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