Clinic Appointments

Discover the root of your injury not the symptom with Neuromuscular Therapy and BeActivated techniques. Thorough efficient and effective treatment for you.

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Postural Reset

We all know that sitting for long periods creates problems in your hips, spine, neck and shoulders but now you can lean how to correct all of that anywhere, anytime.

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Movement Therapy

Pain free movement at your finger tips. Learn how to correct your own muscle imbalances with simple neuroactivations online.Have you tried a class yet?.

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Workplace Wellness

Habits Are Learned. Why Not Create Good Ones.

Postural Reset, Resilience, Stress Management and Neuromuscular Wellness

Presentations, courses and retreats designed to your teams specific needs.

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More About Your Jaw.

Do you know that your tight jaw could be switching off your core, your...

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Pistol Squats! How to Release Your Calves.

I’ve read enough blogs and exercise programmes to know that ankle flexibility and mobility...

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When You Give The Body What It Needs It Will Respond Immediately.

Sometimes a client comes into your clinic that makes phenomenal progress and you just...

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