Neuromuscular Therapy helps you understand how your muscles respond to stress and quickly gets to the root of the problem and not just the symptom.

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Breath Retraining

Improving your breath pattern will immediately improve your health and wellbeing. Proper breath control can reduce stress, improve sleep and sharpen your focus.

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Combining traditional yoga with neuromuscular therapy and muscle activation. A playful experience to help you to understand how amazing your body is.

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Workplace Wellness

Habits Are Learned. Why Not Create Good Ones.

Resilience, Stress Management and Neuromuscular Wellness

Presentations, courses and retreats designed to your teams specific needs.

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News, Articles & Videos

Is Your Tight Jaw Affecting Your Movement?

Jaw dysfunction (TMJ) is common, so common that 7 out of 10 clients and...

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Emotions Affect The Way We Breathe, Feel, Move & Heal.

Neuroconnective Therapy treats you as a whole person and not just an injury or...

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Suck it in ladies. We are going to catch dinner…

Years ago I got stuck in a poor breathing pattern possibly because I incorrectly...

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