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Pistol Squats! How to Release Your Calves.

I’ve read enough blogs and exercise programmes to know that ankle flexibility and mobility is the holy grail of the squat world. I just finished reading a blog that made me cringe… it was about a young lad who tortured his calves with daily stretches so that he could perform pistol squats. After months of […]

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When You Give The Body What It Needs It Will Respond Immediately.

Posted in News on 22nd November 2020

Sometimes a client comes into your clinic that makes phenomenal progress and you just have to take a step back and marvel at how magic the body actually is.🙏🙌 This is my client Segun. He’s kindly given me permission to share his experience of the techniques I use in my clinic. He’s in the final […]

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More About Your Jaw.

Do you know that your tight jaw could be switching off your core, your butt and your pelvic floor!? An overbite or an underbite will also affect the way your muscle firing sequence works. I had braces as an adult. I didn’t know it at the time but getting my teeth wired up not only […]

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