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The significance of the number 108

Posted in Yoga on 8th January 2024

The number 108, it’s not just a numeral. It’s a doorway to the cosmos, a mystical code embedded in the very fabric of existence. Look up at the heavens, and you’ll find cosmic patterns Firstly, it’s not a mere digit; it’s the symphony of the sacred, embodying the entirety of existence. The one signifies the […]

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Realign Your Spine – Lumbar

Your mind is a very powerful tool in the process of healing. Use this 11 minute meditation to quickly connect, release and realign your spine. . Pain is a signal that something is wrong but it also a signal that the body is doing its job.  For example, muscle spasms cause sharp pain and discomfort […]

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Ekadashi – Spiritual Intermittent Fasting

Posted in Yoga on 2nd January 2024

The legend behind Ekadashi begins with Vishnu.   Vishnu was in deep meditation when he encountered the ferocious Murdanav, a demon who was out to wreak havoc on everything good – from nature and even to the Devas (celestial beings.) During Vishnu’s meditation, Murdanav attempted an attack but a stunning form emerged from Vishnu’s 11th […]

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