Hello, I’m Bev,

Thank you for popping into my website. I hope you find some useful stuff nestled amongst the pages.

With more than 30 years of experience within the health and fitness arena I’ve pick up a few skills here and there. I’ve had a number of career changes throughout my life but two things have been consistent, breathing and moving and it just so happens that those very two things are the bodies priorities for survival.

Another thing that has remained constant throughout my life is teaching, I love it!  Sharing what I have learned is a joy. The body, mind and human spirit is phenomenal and we,  the proud owners of such a beautiful organism should be in awe of its capabilities. I am fascinated by the fact that the way we think affects the way we move and feel.

Hebb’s Law. Things that fire together, wire together.

I enjoy helping people to understand how incredible they are and with their own hands and a little know how, they too can learn how to change emotional and physical  states through understanding what are the triggers.

I’m a Neuromuscular Therapist and a Yogi and it is with deep gratitude that my life experiences have taught me well and enabled me to deliver something that truly honours the body’s priorities.

In my 20’s I trained as a nurse before holding several positions in social services, from Emergency Duty Team to managing services.  The work was intense, relentless and sometimes there was danger. I learned how to manage my stress through yoga, exercise and breath work.  One thing led to another and I was invited to work as part of a focus team assessing the effects of stress and aggression in the workplace a few years later a career break gave me the time to think and while I was thinking serendipity intervened and I   moved to Amsterdam after a conversation that involved pizza, beer and an Irish man. (True story) I opened a small boutique yoga & food space called Amstel Yoga Lounge a beautiful apartment on the River Amstel where I lived for 12 years with my partner. That was such a lovely time in my life but as you know life is always changing.

My change came in the guise of a road traffic accident. I came off my bike on a rain soaked Amsterdam morning and did myself a fair bit of damage. In my quest to fix my injuries I became an expert on my own body, I studied anatomy, neuroscience, NLP, more course and courses but the clarity came during one particular lecture called BeActivated. It made me rethink everything. I realised that I had spent a long time focussing on what I couldn’t do rather on what was happening in my mindset.

With this ‘half full’ mindset I was always going to be on the back foot. And so I had a very strong but kind word with myself and changed my point of focus and that became the catalyst for change. I studied the Be Activated Techniques and quickly integrated it into my skills.  I started body work again after almost 15 years of not wanting to work on people and I went on to develop two programmes ‘Postural Reset’ for office workers, and ‘Neuroconnective Yoga,’ both of these programmes help people to understand what is happening in their own bodies.  The mind and body can not be separated, Yogis have always know this and my job as a therapist works within this philosophy. I am inspired by the stories that my clients tell me and more than that, I love helping them to unravel the why’s and what if’s that get in the way of their healing process.

I am currently based in Dublin and I love sharing my knowledge and skills with my clients, athletes and fellow therapists. If you’d like to know more about my work drop me a line or book into a class or clinic sometime.

The pathway to a quiet mind is through non judgment. – ‘Thomas Sterner.’