Bev Porrino
Course Facilitator & Workshop Creator.

Introduction to Be Activated 

Learn how stress impacts upon wellbeing, your flexibility, balance and strength. For yoga & pilates teachers, bodyworkers, runners & athletes.

  • 1 day in person workshops.

On Demand:

  • Yoga For Runners Programme
  • Postural Reset At Your Desk
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Lymphatics

Delivered By : Bev Porrino

Douglas Heel
Programme Creator And Director.

4 Day Practitioner Trainings

Delivered By : Douglas Heel

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The Be Activated Approach For Sports Injuries & Well Being

What makes Be Activated so different from traditional Physiotherapy?

Be Activated Practitioners assess and treat not just the injury the are trained to look into the root cause.  From stress & breathing techniques to chronic neuromuscular compensatory patterns to help you and your client to understand why their body is struggling and how they can get behind their own healing process.

Eliminate pain, increase strength, agility, flexibility, balance, speed & coordination.

For therapists, strength & conditioning coaches, medical practitioners and athletes.

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