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5 Tips To Keep You Connected With Your Posture At Work

1 Breathe Simple as it sounds, most people don’t breath too well. When you adopt a shallow breathing pattern it creates a domino effect throughout your kinetic chain. ( The way your muscles behave) The first thing to happen is that your diaphragm, which is your primary breathing muscle takes a little vacation. This means […]

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Posted in News on 23rd December 2017

Suck it in ladies. We are going to catch dinner…

Years ago I got stuck in a poor breathing pattern possibly because I incorrectly interpreted complex breathing instructions via Pilates but mostly through crap advice via the fitness industry… belly in, chest up, pelvic floor tight aaaaaand moooove your arse. Looking back on it now it was the equivalent of lacing myself into a corset […]

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What Is Be Activated?

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Be Activated – Life Balance Retreat. Libby Jones O’Flaherty

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A Bridge Too Far – Back Bend Workshop

With the use of foam rollers, balls, our own hands and yoga postures, we will lubricate and release the connective tissues so that we can move from gentle backbends to deeper postures with ease and with strength. We’ll also take a brief look at anatomical differences in a generic group of people so that we […]

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Posted in News on 30th March 2017

Hand Balance Master Class

Promo video of hand balance workshop.  

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Posted in Video on 20th March 2017