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The Blissful Benefits of Foot Care:

A Journey into Happy Feet Welcome to a delightful exploration of the incredible benefits of foot care. The importance of pampering our precious feet and the positive impact it can have on our overall well-being can not be underestimated. So, grab your favourite foot cream and let’s do this. Towel Scrunches: A Simple Pleasure Ah, […]

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Made It Ma!

Only Mad Dogs & Englishmen… I did it!! I walked 131 km in 5 days on the Camino de Santiago. That’s the equivalent of 3 Marathons.  To the world of the ultra runner – many of my clients – you may roll your eyes but I am euphorically proud of myself.  Divine Intervention? I managed to […]

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Is your jaw doing all the work?

The Remarkable Benefits of having a TMJ Release.   If you have ever struggled with a tight jaw you may also experience headaches, teeth grinding, balance issues, or feeling like your posture is constantly under pressure, well this blog will shed some light on why. Because of the location of the jaw and its relationship to […]

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