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The significance of the number 108

Posted in Yoga on 8th January 2024

The number 108, it’s not just a numeral. It’s a doorway to the cosmos, a mystical code embedded in the very fabric of existence. Look up at the heavens, and you’ll find cosmic patterns Firstly, it’s not a mere digit; it’s the symphony of the sacred, embodying the entirety of existence. The one signifies the […]

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Realign Your Spine – Lumbar

Your mind is a very powerful tool in the process of healing. Use this 11 minute meditation to quickly connect, release and realign your spine. . Pain is a signal that something is wrong but it also a signal that the body is doing its job.  For example, muscle spasms cause sharp pain and discomfort […]

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Ekadashi – Spiritual Intermittent Fasting

Posted in Yoga on 2nd January 2024

The legend behind Ekadashi begins with Vishnu.   Vishnu was in deep meditation when he encountered the ferocious Murdanav, a demon who was out to wreak havoc on everything good – from nature and even to the Devas (celestial beings.) During Vishnu’s meditation, Murdanav attempted an attack but a stunning form emerged from Vishnu’s 11th […]

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The Yamas

Posted in Yoga on 29th November 2023

Although the guidance in the philosophies was developed long ago, with a little thought it can  easily be applied to modern life. The Yamas are the first of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. They encourage us to be aware of our thoughts and actions and so by being conscious we can change our behaviour and […]

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61 Points – Sushanti Meditation – Perfect Calm

Sushanti Meditation also known as Shavayatra, 61 Points or Perfect Calm, is a wonderful practice that promotes profound relaxation and a sharp mind. This simple and powerful meditation asks that you systematically move your attention through specific points of your body. You can bring light into each point or simply count up the numbers.   […]

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How’s Your Asana Alignment?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where your body is at when you practice yoga. You are mostly upside down, trying to connect breath, find balance and quiet your mind as your bunions throw you off balance, and that old rotator cuff injury begins to niggle. Your tight hip flexor is not the villain, it’s […]

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Online Programme Be Activated with Yoga For Runners

Aimed at runners and athletes. This series of videos teaches you how to work through Activation Zones 1-3. ON DEMAND Improve your performance, and run pain free. Ready to leave your pain and limitations in the dust? My online course is your ticket to unlocking your inner power. Say goodbye to niggles  and hello to […]

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How Is Your Diaphragm Function?

Your diaphragm is the most important muscle in your body, without it, the auxiliary breathing muscles have to figure out how to get enough oxygen into your systems.  The result? Your entire body has to adjust and compensate further. Quick Anatomy Focus: The diaphragm’s primary job is to create negative internal pressure in the thoracic […]

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Hand Balance

Hand Balance Master Class

Posted in Yoga on 20th March 2017

Promo video of hand balance workshop.  

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Pilates or Yoga? What’s The Difference?

Posted in Yoga on 14th February 2017

Cheese or Tulips?  Swimming or Cycling ?  Bruce Lee or Rudolf Nureyev? What’s the difference? On the surface both disciplines present similarities like breathing, moving and wearing stretchy apparel.  When we look closer they are about as different as Martial Arts is to Ballet.  I’d even go as far as to say that if they […]

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