Postural Reset

1 Breathe

Simple as it sounds, most people don’t breath too well. When you adopt a shallow breathing pattern it creates a domino effect throughout your kinetic chain. ( The way your muscles behave)

The first thing to happen is that your diaphragm, which is your primary breathing muscle takes a little vacation. This means that in order to get enough oxygen your shoulders lift and your neck muscles tighten.

2. Ball To Back

-Place a small ball between your upper back and your chair to avoid the tendency to hunch forward while working at a computer.

It stimulates blood flow to the spine and maintains awareness of what’s going on behind you as well as in front.

3. Hydrate.

Your postural muscles will be the first to tire if they run out of food. Oxygen and water are the basic fuels for your body to function.

4. Motion Is Lotion.

Move your body. Shoulder rolls, arm swings, ankle movements, virtual piano playing, squeeze a ball. Finger to thumb exercises. Just 30 seconds every hour will juice up your joints.

5.  Eye Exercises

– Staring at the screen gives you a false eye focus. Change the focus regularly, look into the distance, then to the tip of your nose. Rotate your eyes 5 circles right, 5 circles left.