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Power To Your Pelvic Floor

Posted in News on 24th October 2022

    Power To Your Pelvic Floor Workshop 05 Nov 9.30 – 11.30 Your pelvic floor may be tight, it could be weak and if you are leaking it’s definitely got a communication issues. To learn more about what could be happening in your dear pelvic floor muscles this fun and practical workshop will take […]

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Be Activated with Yoga For Runners

Posted in News on 7th October 2022

Aimed at runners and athletes. This series of videos teaches you how to work through Activation Zones 1-3.   Starting with breath, hip mobility and range of movement. Moving onto quadricep and hamstring rebalancing in Zone 2 and finishing with calf and shin releases. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body changes.   On […]

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Pistol Squats! How to Release Your Calves.

I’ve read enough blogs and exercise programmes to know that ankle flexibility and mobility is the holy grail of the squat world. I just finished reading a blog that made me cringe… it was about a young lad who tortured his calves with daily stretches so that he could perform pistol squats. After months of […]

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When You Give The Body What It Needs It Will Respond Immediately.

Posted in News on 22nd November 2020

Sometimes a client comes into your clinic that makes phenomenal progress and you just have to take a step back and marvel at how magic the body actually is.🙏🙌 This is my client Segun. He’s kindly given me permission to share his experience of the techniques I use in my clinic. He’s in the final […]

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More About Your Jaw.

Do you know that your tight jaw could be switching off your core, your butt and your pelvic floor!? An overbite or an underbite will also affect the way your muscle firing sequence works. I had braces as an adult. I didn’t know it at the time but getting my teeth wired up not only […]

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Is Your Tight Jaw Affecting Your Movement?

Jaw Dysfunction (TMJ) is common, so common that 7 out of 10 clients and patients who attend my clinic present a tight jaw. The good news is that a simple TMJ release (a technique for relaxing your jaw and neck muscles) can make all the difference to the way you feel and move, and even […]

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How Is Your Diaphragm Function?

Your diaphragm is the most important muscle in your body, without it, the auxiliary breathing muscles have to figure out how to get enough oxygen into your systems.  The result? Your entire body has to adjust and compensate further. Quick Anatomy Focus: The diaphragm’s primary job is to create negative internal pressure in the thoracic […]

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Emotions Affect The Way We Breathe, Feel, Move & Heal.

Neuroconnective Therapy looks at your whole body and not just your injury or condition. By taking in the broader aspects of your life and how your nervous system interprets information, you quickly learn to identify the triggers in your environment so you can plan for predictable outcomes.  Emotions affect the way we breathe, feel, move […]

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Functional Anatomy

Anatomy For Yoga Teachers

Posted in News on 1st April 2019

Rainbow kids Yoga YTT An 8-hour course in fun and functional anatomy for Yoga Teacher Trainees who are working with children. We will cover The differences between adults and children. Developmental Stages Mind & Body integration Anatomy & Movement and Muscle Memory Terminology Hormones  & Growth Puberty, stages, concerns and care.

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Postural Reset

1 Breathe Simple as it sounds, most people don’t breath too well. When you adopt a shallow breathing pattern it creates a domino effect throughout your kinetic chain. ( The way your muscles behave) The first thing to happen is that your diaphragm, which is your primary breathing muscle takes a little vacation. This means […]

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