Neuroconnective Yoga – Anatomy Training

Neuro Connective Yoga  3 Day Functional Anatomy & Physiology Related to Yoga Practice

A 3-day workshop on Anatomy and Physiology directly related to your Yoga practice. There is an option of taking the full weekend (all 3 days at €399) or joining for the final day only (€149).

There is an early bird rate of €349 if booked and paid in full by 1st April. This is a CET course accredited with Yoga Alliance International for those who are already 200hr E-RYT.

Please email Aoife Kane with all enquiries and to book your place. We are limited for numbers and this will book out so please contact Aoife if you are interested –

Below is a full breakdown of the course:

Anatomists over the years have managed to divide the body into 8 systems.
The Respiratory System
The Skeletal System
The Muscular system
The Vascular System
The Neurological (Nervous) System
The Genito-urinary System (including reproduction and kidneys)
The Endocrine System
The Digestive system

But in reality no system works alone.
During this two-three day applied anatomy course we will take a practical look at how these systems work together.

Topics Covered:

Day 1
Module 1: The Respiratory and Vascular System
During this module you will learn:
The function of the respiratory and vascular system.
The muscles of respiration.
How breathing affects every system in the body.
How pranayama affects the body and mind.
How to activate your diaphragm. (practical session)
3 Step Breath & Kapalabhati

Module 2: The Musculoskeletal System
Bones & Muscles
Ligaments and Tendons
The Physiology Flexibility.
Exploring Asana (practical session)
Joint Angle
Introducing Neuro Lymphatic Points
Psoas & Glute Activation

Day 2

Module 3: The Nervous System

Simple Brain Neurology
Central Nervous System (CNS)
Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
Fight /Flight /Freeze
How breath affects the nervous system

Module 4 Anatomy & Asana Analysis through 3 Zones (Ref Be Activated)

Identifying muscle recruitment patterns.
What happens when muscles fire incorrectly.
Why the body compensates.
More About Neuro Lymphatic Points
Analysing Asana
Activated yoga practice.

Neuro Connective Yoga 1 Day Workshop.

Reframing And Re-routing Communication Between The Body And The Brain.

Neuro Connected Yoga is the perfect combination of yoga, neuromuscular therapy, neuroscience and NLP techniques, designed to empower you and your students to tune into triggers and stressors and to ultimately learn how to override poor communication between the body and the brain.

“Habits Are Learned. So Why Not Learn Good Ones”