Pistol Squats! How to Release Your Calves.

I’ve read enough blogs and exercise programmes to know that ankle flexibility and mobility is the holy grail of the squat world.

I just finished reading a blog that made me cringe… it was about a young lad who tortured his calves with daily stretches so that he could perform pistol squats. After months of this work he concluded that there was very little improvement.

While I can safely say that I have zero interest in being able to do this crazy movement, I do know that gaining even a couple of degrees in ankle flexibility can make all the difference to the way you walk or the way your burning calves feel.

I know that stretching very tight muscles is silly. Your brain made them tight for a reason and you have to find the reason why before you can release them.

I also know that there are two specific activation points on the body that release your calves in seconds.

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Bev x