NeuroConnective Yoga & Pilates combines the power of neuromuscular therapy with experience and personalised care & attention.

What Is It?

This holistic approach targets muscle imbalances that cause pain and injury and helps you to correct them as an integral part of your practice.

How I Work With You.

During your initial assessment I will assess your muscle firing sequence and identify which muscles are working too hard and the ones that are not doing enough. The second part involves creating better brain/ body neuromuscular signalling through a few targeted release points. The third part enables us to focus on correct alignment and optimal biomechanics so that you can achieve strength and flexibility, balance & coordination and full body integrity during your yoga poses or Pilates exercises.  

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are multiple. You will correct imbalances, relieve pain, move with greater ease, have more energy, and be more aware of how and why your body creates muscle compensatory patterns.

How Do I Book?

Use the link below to book your session. You have a choice of in-person appointments at one of my Dublin clinics, or online from the comfort of your own home.

In person? Choose First Appointment or 90 minutes.

Online choose 60 minutes