Discover why Kegel exercises aren’t enough.  How to improve blood flow for muscle & tissue health, and why your neuromuscular firing sequence is crucial for regaining control.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a great deal of good information out there for women, take it from me, I traversed a long journey before I had what I needed to start my own healing process and  I am grateful that I can share what I know with you. This workshop series will help you to understand the bigger picture of what is happening within your body, and how you can influence and change that for the better, for the rest of your life. 

Facts about your pelvic floor. 80% of your pelvic floor muscle fibres won’t respond to Kegal exercises. Most pelvic floor issues stem from a biomechanical problem, or simply put, muscle imbalances.  There is a shortage of pelvic floor physio therapists where I live. 

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