When You Give The Body What It Needs It Will Respond Immediately.

Posted in Pain on 22nd November 2020

Sometimes a client comes into your clinic that makes phenomenal progress and you just have to take a step back and marvel at how magic the body actually is.??

This is my client Segun. He’s kindly given me permission to share his experience of the techniques I use in my clinic. He’s in the final year of his engineering degree and has been attending a lot of online lectures, so sitting a lot. He came into clinic with back pain.  Listening to his history he tells me that he was in a car accident 14 years ago 2006 where he was hospitalised for 6 weeks and had to learn how to walk again. Which he did within a few months. Since then he has experienced weakness in his right leg, he feels he can’t trust it. He often drags it and relies upon a knee brace for walking.

There are other additional neurological issues associated with this type of injury. I make a note of them. I go to work testing his muscle strength and weakness. I locate his compensatory patterns. After each activation I ask him to walk, this helps the brain body connection feel the change if there is any.

He walks, he looks confused, he tells me he’s feeling more in his right leg. He walks again, he can now weight bear upon it. His tells me that his shoulders feel free, and his breathing changes. His walk becomes a swagger, fitting of a man his age.??? and then he tells me that he’s able to lift the leg with relative ease.??

The big question is how is this possible after all the therapy he’s had over the years? It’s possible because the body is a phenomenal thing and it is capable of amazing healing shifts.

We have a saying amongst BeActivated Practitioners. “When you give the body what it needs it will respond immediately.” And this is one of those moments. Because this technique is methodical, because it follows a codex it easier for me the therapist to map the issues and progress. It’s also easier for me to explain what is happening to you.

We’ve had 2 sessions 10 days apart and now he’s able to balance on that right leg. I’m delighted for him and the possibilities that this opens up for him.

Reconnect Your Mind With Your Movement. 

Bev x