More About Your Jaw.

Do you know that your tight jaw could be switching off your core, your butt and your pelvic floor!?

An overbite or an underbite will also affect the way your muscle firing sequence works. I had braces as an adult. I didn’t know it at the time but getting my teeth wired up not only changed my teeth alignment but also my biomechanics,and the way my muscles recruited power.

The Jaw muscles are powerful, and the nerves of your jaw are linked to your cerebellum, ( your mini brain) which is responsible for motor control. Motor control involves mobility, stability, strength and balance, this is how you know where you are in space . (proprioception.)

When your jaw muscles are tight your body responds in a fight/flight manner because after all, tightening the jaw usually happens when you are stressed… but if like me you’ve had your jaw wired tight for a couple of years then an incorrect neural pattern has been created. ??

My body got wired into a stressed position and to me that explains a so much. To help this I do a jaw release most mornings as part of my BeActivated routine. It’s relatively easy to do and sooo effective.

The TMJ ( jaw release) instantly relaxes me, it releases my throat muscles, and along with a diaphragm activation it helps me to breathe easily.

So if you have a tight jaw or have braces to correct an overbite or an underbite, its probably affecting the way you move.

Reconnect Your Mind To Your Movement.

Bev x