Rapid Lymphatic Response

Posted in Pain on 28th August 2023

Rapid Lymphatic Response.

I’d like to share an experience I had with my amazing lymphatic system.

I was out grocery shopping and I had an awful headache which is very unusual for me. I also noticed a strange sensation on my tongue, almost like I had burned the tip of it and my little toe was itching like hell.  As my brain registered these events and somehow connected some deep survival mechanism, I immediately had a sneezing fit and my foot started to burn. I was hopping about in the shopping centre trying to figure out what was happening.  Had I been bitten, stung?

Thankfully, I happened to be near a pharmacy but by the time I got to the counter my symptoms were accelerating. The pharmacist and a few shoppers had a con-flab about whetherI should go to hospital or not, we decided, collectively it would seem , that I stock up on antihistamine and hydrocortisone cream. After all it was Saturday and A&E would be jammers!! I took the goods and hobbled home. Within an hour, my foot had doubled in size. 

As alarming as it was, I couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly my lymphatic system kicked into action. It’s truly incredible how our bodies have built-in defence mechanisms like this  because it had ballooned my foot to prevent the infection from spreading further.

I saw my Dublin GP and he didn’t really know what it was. We speculated, I went home with creams and ordered to rest and hydrate.

It took a week to get back to a size where my shoes would fit me and my energy levels were extremely low. It almost felt like flu.

I asked a friend in Amsterdam who’s a Doctor. “Could it be a parasite. ” I’d become a bit grossed out by the idea.

Now my friend is a fun guy and is well travelled and he’s prone to dead pan delivery.  

So I say. “I know that parasites live amongst us, and in more ways than one, but don’t these things only happen in faraway places?”

He said, “sure, you only alive because of the many things living off you.”

 Ah now!! I also know this but do I want to hear it? I do not!

I was in Amsterdam a week earlier during Pride. It was raining, I was wearing sandals, and  by the end of the night. the streets were filled with trash.  Perhaps I picked up something there?  Perhaps I got it from my earth grounding, or my Dublin balcony? Who knows?

Anyhoo! I  decided that my body needed a break from all of the poisons I expose it to so I embarked on a two-week detox regime. It involved  a parasite cleanse, just in case, staying hydrated, dry skin brushing, practicing yoga, and staying active in general. I also cut out processed foods and dairy, as they tend to slow down the lymphatic and digestive system.

There are several reasons why someone might consider doing a parasite cleanse. We worm our pets routinely don’t we.

Firstly, parasites can cause a range of health issues, from digestive problems to fatigue and weakened immune function. 

Secondly, parasites are common. They can be found in contaminated food and water, as well as in the environment. Even if we practice good hygiene, we can not avoid them which is why a healthy lymphatic system will boost immunity. 

Lastly, a parasite cleanse can serve as a reset for our body. It allows us to eliminate toxins and impurities, giving our system a chance to rejuvenate. It’s like hitting the refresh button on our health.

There are many parasite cleanses on the market from traditional turpentine… oh yes! To more sophisticated tonics. If you do choose to detox this way make sure you do your research,  you’ll need to prep your body for the process and maybe your mind too.


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