Jameson (Pernod Ricard)

Making Space

"We were delighted to work with Bev Porrino as part of a Dublin Experience with Jameson (Pernod Ricard) in June 2017. In a short space of time, she was able to demonstrate simple sequences and activations which both impressed and empowered the participants. Bev was a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her highly." Orlaith Ross Making Space Events & Production Manager

Shane Carton

To be honest I didn't know what to expect but went in with an open mind. I explained to Bev the issues I am having with my hamstrings and calves, I had been attending physio for weeks with no joy or time frame when I would get back running. Bev quickly pointed out that everything is connected  and  she would look for the cause not the injury and WOW within 60mins I had more range of movement than I had felt in the past 6 weeks. Bev also told me ways to keep treating my injuries at home and they have been a great help. I would highly recommend this type of therapy it was amazing for me.

Jennifer Nora

I attended my initial consultation with Bev yesterday and oh my stars, I cannot recommend her enough. I had developed some lower back pain and felt over all that my posture was suffering from long hours of slouching doing desk based work. After my first session there was already a huge difference in my posture, in how strong I felt, and in how fluid I was moving. It was like being in a different body. The difference was absolutely extraordinary. Bev is so lovely too and explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it. An outstanding therapist with magic hands. Bev thank you so much, really grateful for your help.

Julie Letierce

I had my first neuroconnective session a few days ago, followed by the Sunday Yoga class. I have never experienced something like this. Beyond Bev's extended skills and professionalism, Bev demonstrates real kindness and genuine willingness to support and teach. This is not a massage, that is painful. But that is worth it. In my case, it didn't only created more space within me, it had also unlock stress that was locked deep inside for a long time. I know my journey will be long and won't be fixed with only one session. But I am confident I found in Bev's approach exactly what I need to heal. Looking forward to the next Yoga sessions and NeuroConnective follow-up. Thanks so much Bev.

Aine Driscoll

I was completely blown away by the impact of my first clinic session with Bev. I felt looser, freer, but also more stable and more aligned. I could even see visible changes in the mirror after. My movement and my yoga practice felt different and freer, in places where I didn't even know I was restricted before. During the session Bev talks through the process and what she is doing. She is empathetic in her approach, enthusiastic about her work and brings some fun to the session. My subsequent follow up session with Bev again left me feeling amazing as I felt the immediate effects of her wise and magic hands as she worked deeper into another area of tightness and stress.

James O’ Brien

I walked in to the clinic in a lot of pain .After Bev worked on me i could feel the tension leave my body and feel 8 ft tall walking out .I trust Bev 100% and my body responds to her guidance .Highly recommend Bev .You will feel so welcomed and your body will thank you for it

Louise O’ Hagen

I had my first session with Bev last week. I had a 'stuck' shoulder for 11 years which I have had dry needling, chiropractor, acupuncture, deep tissue massage etc over the years. After ONE session I have FULL movement in my shoulder, my posture has completely changed I used to have curled shoulders now they are back and my chin is held high. Honestly, Bev is a miracle worker.

Karen Pipenbring

Bev was very professional and explained everything she was doing and why. I've suffered knee pain for years, had an operation, still suffered. I walked in there in pain and could barely put pressure on my knee. I walked out pain free with a huge range of motion that I haven't had for years. I've already recommended Bev to family and friends. She's amazing. Thanks Bev

Philip Howlin

Bev is a modern day healer. She explains simply what our body is supposed to do. 1. Breathe 2. Move. I was rubbish at both when I went into her and she released all the areas blocking my breathing and movement. I have had a lot of physio work and it dealt with symptoms but Bev deals with the underlying challenge of your body and getting it to support you the way it was designed to. I walked in as a banged up car and walked out feeling like a Ferrari. I had been in a fight pattern to try and get through each day. I walked out feeling pure happiness due to my body working in tandem with me rather than against me. Bev just wants you to get better and she will have you right in no time. She also empowers you to be your own healer so that you can support yourself and your body. Bev is a person who adds value to so my many peoples lives while bringing bubbliness and fun in abundancE.

Christina Coffee

I was sceptical, to say the least when I went to see Bev and I have to say that by the end of the session I was converted. When I got home I booked my second session with her in advance and straight after I also booked a session for my husband and my mum. My body feels amazing and my mind just follows. Thanks Bev!

Irene Bagni

This is exactly what I needed after I had breast surgery. I felt "disconnected" with that part of my body for many months, and my lower body was very weak as the upper part was doing all the job. Bev was able to gently make my body work again as a whole and she released all the tension I had accumulated. For the first time in months, I felt reconnected with my body again and I can never thank Bev enough for this!

Joan Shorthall

Bev's expertise in the body taught me how everything is connected and it really impressed me. I felt great after the session and will be back for more. She gave me the confidence to restart running. I highly recommend her.

Katie Fitzpatrick

Couldn't recommend Bev enough, this was a session like I've never experienced before. Bev focused an the whole body as opposed to specific pain areas as the whole body systems are connected and I feel this is lost in other therapies. Feeling amazing afterwards and also tension released from my jaw is so freeing. Just incredible.

Segun Daly

Private Student

I don’t know how she does it but it works for me. After spending 14 years of my life being told by doctors that they could do nothing for me, this woman changed an old sceptic like me with evident power and strength back in my right leg . I’d highly recommend to anybody having any problems with their body to give it a shot when other traditional methods don’t work. Thanks again Bev.

Rachael Ryan

Spin 1038

I had no idea what to expect when I went to a Be Activated session with Bev, but can honestly say I was blown away by what she did. It really demonstrated to me how we forget to be in touch with our bodies and found she 'woke' up parts of my body that had gone asleep! Let's put it this way-a massage will relax you on the surface, but being activated goes much deeper- it wakes up your entire nervous system and gives you energy you didn't even know you had. Since going to Bev I have been raving about her techniques and have recommended to several family members and friends, I think everyone should be activated!

Libby Jones O’Flaherty

Graphic Designer

I met Bev Porrino at the 3 Day Life Balance Escape, which BTW was an absolutely amazing weekend. Bev's Yoga Nidra class on Friday night with its beautiful visualisations combined wth her soothing voice left the group floating all the way to a brilliant night's sleep. The food was wholesome, nutritious and delicious. The smell of the woodfire burning, the hot tub!! (I could have stayed there forever). I had an injury 8 years ago to my foot, leaving a twisted pelvis and chronic daily pain. For the last year I have been unable to stand up straight, walk any distance even or hold my knees together at all without a lot of pain. Bev practiced the Be Activated -Neuromuscular Activation over the weekend. I had not heard of this therapy before but Bev explained it to us in lay-mans terms, and I have to say it was "stunned" by the results. I have probably spent in the thousands of euros over on a lot of various therapies over the last 8 years. Today I am standing straight, pain free, comfortably, and feeling strength in my legs for the first time in a long time! Bev's experience and knowledge is second to none, She is an amazing combination of calm, soothing, instantly trustworthy and with a great sense of humour! The whole atmosphere was amazing at the Elbowroom Escape, rooms, beds and facilities 5* standards...and it's only just an hour and a bit away! I would highly recommend this weekend to kickstart a change in your work/ life balance.

Maider Arrausi

Yoga Teacher

This class is gorgeous! The activation is tremendously powerful. 10mins of activation before flowing through the sequence and the entire body feels at ease and more integrated. Navasana becomes light, effortless. The shaking I sometimes experience in the full pose was gone. The activation has also helped me enormously with my headstands where my body tends to lean to one side. After activating my posture feels a lot lighter and straight. Bev is an inspiring and generous teacher and she’s lots of fun too! There’s always a great craic in her classes. Can’t recommend her enough !

Detour Ahead

Bev is a complete discovery for me and this class is the best yoga class ever, it is the reset of mind and body. I would highly recommend it as necessary for everyone to try. It is a therapy and yoga class in one, plus it is always lots of fun. Bev is very cool and open person. She taught me amazing facts about my body, it’s power and how quickly I can change whatever uncomfortable state of body or mind I find myself in.

Greg Walsh

Bev is a fantastic teacher. She really knows her stuff, and can cater for all levels, ages capabilities. We were lucky to have her in Dublin. I highly recommend her classes!

Maria Cauldwell

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Bev is a wonderful teacher, and her knowledge of the body, and movement is excellent, and means that she confidently works with all levels of students, and abilities. And she is one of the most fun, warm engaging and grounded teachers you will ever meet. You are blessed to have this gem in your community!

Laura O’Sullivan

Chef - Cork City

Thanks for doing your magic witchcraft on me I feel great today. My body feels really loose, I cant get my head around how a simple thing can make such a big difference. Thanks again.

Georgina Twamley


Bev is an amazing yoga teacher and neuromuscular therapist. On top of that her work really helps with calming the mind and understanding how the body is holding stress. I've had an emotionally challenging year and Bev's work has been a major support. It's great to be able to look forward to releasing stress and relaxing fully. I couldn't recommend it more! Thanks for all that you do Bev!   

Aimee Stones

Philosophy Student and Yoga Teacher – Dublin

So..... I have no more knee pain, I can walk my feet right up to my hands ( mouth wide open in surprise!!) and hop up into my handstand. My slightly wobbly belly is now super ninja and a headstand had my feet in the air faster than an ex nun. The downer with this hyperactive childlike energy I'm contemplating taking to the roof to prove I can fly and I'm wondering if you might've mistakenly turned me into a giraffe seeing as I've all this extra room in my neck. I daren't look in the mirror.

Maggie Walsh

RCSI – Dublin

Bev, I don't know what you did to me but my neck feels like an owl. I am blown away by how free I feel. Wow! just Wow! Feel like I'm walking on clouds. Thanks a mill.


CPS - London

Just had the most phenomenal experience called Be Activated Therapy... Forget massage this was the most bizarrely wonderful experience that I can't even begin to describe. If you suffer things like a bad back, bad knees.... anything like that you need to experience this. I don't put this status out lightly as I am huge sceptic of most things like this but man Bev Porrino you are amazing thank you!

Julie McCarthy

Apollo House

Dear Bev, I have to thank you for the amazing work you did on me. As you know I had a stroke a few years ago and I was weaker on the right side of my body, but in all honesty I'm getting my strength back. Hun I'm actually a lot better since our session. I can't thank you enough for your help. You have magic hands xxx

Shane Carton


To be honest I didn't know what to expect but went in with an open mind. I explained to Bev the issues I am having with my hamstrings and Calves, I had been attending physio for weeks with no joy or time frame when I would get back ruining, Bev quickly pointed out that they were treating the wrong muscles / nerves and WoW within 60mins I had more movement than I had felt in the past 6 weeks, Bev also told me ways to keep treating my injuries at home and they have been a great help. I would highly recommend this type of therapy, you'll be amazed.