What My Clients Say

Be Ativated Clients

Julie McCarthy - Apollo House

Dear Bev, I have to thank you for the amazing work you did on me. As you know I had a stroke a few years ago and I was weaker on the right side of my body, but in all honesty I’m getting my strength back. Hun I’m actually a lot better since our session. I can’t thank you enough for your help. You have magic hands xxx

Niamh Cahill - Acupuncture

Bev, Thank you for a fab session this morning. I walked in a crock, walked out of your place back straight, muscles at ease and out of spasm. Your magic hands are amazing, I feel so well.

Nathan - CPS - London

Just had the most phenomenal experience called Be Activated Therapy… Forget massage this was the most bizarrely wonderful experience that I can’t even begin to describe.
If you suffer things like a bad back, bad knees…. anything like that you need to experience this. I don’t put this status out lightly as I am huge sceptic of most things like this but man Bev Porrino you are amazing thank you!

Maggie Walsh - RCSI – Dublin

Bev, I don’t know what you did to me but my neck feels like an owl. I am blown away by how free I feel. Wow! just Wow! Feel like I’m walking on clouds. Thanks a mill.

Aimee Stones - Philosophy Student and Yoga Teacher – Dublin

So….. I have no more knee pain, I can walk my feet right up to my hands ( mouth wide open in surprise!!) and hop up into my handstand. My slightly wobbly belly is now super ninja and a headstand had my feet in the air faster than an ex nun. The downer with this hyperactive childlike energy I’m contemplating taking to the roof to prove I can fly and I’m wondering if you might’ve mistakenly turned me into a giraffe seeing as I’ve all this extra room in my neck. I daren’t look in the mirror.

Aaron Byrne - Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue

Bev tested my legs and arse muscles by a fair amount of jiggery- pokery. ‘Activations’ After this I was genuinely surprised by how much easier it was for me to move, I could touch my toes too. I was almost inclined to jog up Lugnaquillia but no one likes a show off. Thanks a mill – I think.

Laura O’Sullivan - Chef - Cork City

Thanks for doing your magic witchcraft on me I feel great today. My body feels really loose, I cant get my head around how a simple thing can make such a big difference. Thanks again.

Libby Jones Oflaherty - Graphic Designer

I met Bev Porrino at the 3 Day Life Balance Escape, which BTW was an absolutely amazing weekend.
Bev’s Yoga Nidra class on Friday night with its beautiful visualisations combined wth her soothing voice left the group floating all the way to a brilliant night’s sleep. The food was wholesome, nutritious and delicious. The smell of the woodfire burning, the hot tub!! (I could have stayed there forever).

I had an injury 8 years ago to my foot, leaving a twisted pelvis and chronic daily pain.
For the last year I have been unable to stand up straight, walk any distance even or hold my knees together at all without a lot of pain. Bev practiced the Be Activated -Neuromuscular Activation over the weekend.
I had not heard of this therapy before but Bev explained it to us in lay-mans terms, and I have to say it was “stunned” by the results. I have probably spent in the thousands of euros over on a lot of various therapies over the last 8 years.
Today I am standing straight, pain free, comfortably, and feeling strength in my legs for the first time in a long time!

Bev’s experience and knowledge is second to none, She is an amazing combination of calm, soothing, instantly trustworthy and with a great sense of humour!

The whole atmosphere was amazing at the Elbowroom Escape, rooms, beds and facilities 5* standards…and it’s only just an hour and a bit away!
I would highly recommend this weekend to kickstart a change in your work/ life balance.

Yoga Clients

Karin va Der Zwaag - Private Student

My Tuesday lessons with Bev are the highlight of my week. I love her.

Maria Cauldwell - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Bev is a wonderful teacher, and her knowledge of the body, and movement is excellent, and means that she confidently works with all levels of students, and abilities. And she is one of the most fun, warm engaging and grounded teachers you will ever meet. You are blessed to have this gem in your community!

Greg Walsh

Bev is a fantastic teacher. She really knows her stuff, and can cater for all levels, ages capabilities. We were lucky to have her in Dublin. I highly recommend her classes!

Angelique Angélique Heijligers - Journalist Ams

I just LOVE Bev’s yoga classes. She has an in depth knowledge of yoga, the human body and she has a wonderful personality.

Evelina Kvartunaite - Tom Tom - Amsterdam

Bev’s sessions are fantastic. I love the positive energy in the room every time. It’s a great experience. Her classes leave me feeling happy with lots of bubbles.