Pain Free Movement At Your Fingertips.

It’s simple, our bodies are designed to move and we feel and function better and when they do. When we move so many incredible processes gather momentum in the inner workings of our brain and body. Hormones are balanced, the lymphatic system cleans itself, muscles become stronger and you feel energised, happier and resilient. When injuries occur they can stop you from moving well and doing the things you love.  This has a knock on effect to your overall wellbeing.

I will crack open the door and help you gain a greater understanding of your physical body and how phenomenal it is but my ultimate goal is to teach you what I have learned so that you can take care of yourself better.

Bev x

Classes, Courses & Workshops

Online at YoFlicks

  Join me online at YoFlicks. Classes to suit all levels. Hatha Yoga, Neuroconnective...

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BeActivated Yoga & Movement Therapy

Reconnect your Mind To Your Movement. Learn why your hamstrings are tight, why your...

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Functional Anatomy For Yoga Teachers. Learn how the body really connects. Learning anatomy with...

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A Bridge Too Far?

A Bridge Too Far? With the use of foam rollers, balls, our own hands...

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Shoulder Stability

Shoulder Girdle Stability

    Many people suffer with shoulder injuries, neck pain, headaches and general tightness...

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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training 3 week intensive and or modular training Yoga is a wonderful...

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