Motion Is Lotion.

It’s simple, when I move I feel better. There is no question that my body is designed to move and when I don’t move enough everything about my day feels heavier.

I developed Activated Yoga and Movement Therapy out of need.  I’d been injured and everything hurt, touching my toes seemed a far away thing and the usual therapies just didn’t seem to be working so I looked for another way.

I am curious about how my body works and what happens beneath the surface. How my food affects my mood, how my hydration affects my concentration and how my muscles compensate when my breathing isn’t great.

I have studied and worked with some of the world’s best anatomists and movement experts including Ray Long M.D, Dr Cathy Dooley and Douglas Heel so that I can bring you safe, functional classes and groundbreaking educational courses and workshops.

My goal is to crack open the door to a world of infinite possibilities and ignite your love for movement and at the same time help you gain a greater understanding of your physical body and how phenomenal it is.

Classes, Courses & Workshops

Online at YoFlix

Join me online at YoFlix, Classes to suit all levels.

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Neuroconnective Yoga

Your hamstrings are not tight, they are protecting you. 1 Day Course Until you...

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Shoulder Stability

Functional Anatomy

Functional Anatomy For Yoga Teachers 2 hours to 2 days Learning anatomy with Bev...

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A Bridge Too Far?

A Bridge Too Far? With the use of foam rollers, balls, our own hands...

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Shoulder Stability

Shoulder Girdle Stability

Many people suffer with shoulder injuries, neck pain, headaches and general tightness in their...

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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training 3 week intensive and or modular training Yoga is a wonderful...

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