61 Points – Sushanti Meditation – Perfect Calm

Sushanti Meditation also known as Shavayatra, 61 Points or Perfect Calm, is a wonderful practice that promotes profound relaxation and a sharp mind.

This simple and powerful meditation asks that you systematically move your attention through specific points of your body. You can bring light into each point or simply count up the numbers.


The conscious connection of the brain to the different parts of the body in a sequence can be a playful challenge in the beginning because the busy mind is eager to distract you and find some mundane thing to disrupt you.

As you become skilled at staying on track with the systematic rotation, you will feel a sense of unshakable inner peace that lasts for hours.   With practice, this gentle meditation will support you even on the most challenging of days.

To get the best out of this meditation be aware of the gentle rise and fall of the body. Invite light. If you lose your way, simply smile, keep going and see where you end up. I recommend 1 to 3 rounds once per day. Morning, noon or night.



The Points.

1— Point between the eyebrows

2—Hollow of the throat

3—Right shoulder joint

4—Right elbow joint

5—Middle of the right wrist

6—Tip of the right thumb

7—Tip of the index finger

8—Tip of the middle finger

9—Tip of the fourth finger (ring finger)

10—Tip of the small finger

11—Right wrist joint

12—Right elbow joint

13—Right shoulder joint

14—Hollow of the throat

15  – Left shoulder joint

16 -Left elbow joint

17  -Left wrist middle

18 – Left thumb top

19 – Index finger tip

20 – Middle finger tip

21  – Ring finger

22  – Little finger

23-  left wrists

24 – left elbow

25 – left shoulder


27—Heart center (Anahata)

28—Right nipple

29—Heart center (Anahata)

30—Left nipple

31—Heart center (Anahata)

32—Solar plexus (just below the bottom of the breast bone)

33—Navel center (2 inches below the physical navel)

34—Right hip joint

35—Right knee joint

36—Right ankle joint

37—Right big toe

38—Tip of the second toe

39—Tip of the third toe

40—Tip of the fourth toe

41—Tip of the small toe

42—Right ankle joint

43—Right knee joint

44—Right hip joint

45—Navel center (2 inches below physical navel)

46—Left hip joint

47—Left knee joint

48—Left ankle joint

49—Left big toe

50—Tip of the second toe

51—Tip of the third toe

52—Tip of the fourth toe

53—Tip of the small toe

54—Right ankle joint

55—Right knee joint

56—Right hip joint

57—Navel center (2 inches below the physical navel)

58—Solar plexus

59—Heart center  (Anahata)

60—Hollow of the throat

61—Center between the eyebrows